Saturday, September 13, 2008

Up in the gym just workin on my fitness. He's my witness. Woo.

Oh what a great day I am having today. Perhaps because I have nothing to attend to so I can relax. Or perhaps I am high on endorfins. Either way, I'm feelin good.

Just got back from the gym. At work today, this lady came in to drop off her kid and she was seriously ripped. Muscles everywhere. Now I personally think that's gross when it's that much. However, she had some inspiring words to offer. She said not to put myself in a box. And if I put my mind to it and really want to lose weight, I can. So I got all inspired. Meanwhile, her son and I created this sweet ship out of legos. I learn so much about myself through the way I interact with kids. I am secretly really controlling. Or maybe it's not a secret. But I wanted to make my own ship and make it awesome. But Dante (that's the little boy's name) wanted to do it his way. And I had to tell myself that HE is here to play, and not me. Hahaha. But the ship turned out pretty sweet anyways.

So after work I grabbed a bite to eat. At Vanguard this year they have this new thing where, instead of having 160 meals per semester, they split it into weeks. So I have ten meals a week. And it DOES NOT roll over. Which is so stupid. So I go in the caf to get breakfast and she says "you have run out of meals for this week." And I'm like Are you kidding??? And so she went on to tell me that I can use my "Flex Dollars" for a meal. How many Flex Dollars does it cost to eat in the caf? EIGHT STINKIN DOLLARS! And all I got was some granola and a sandwhich. FOR EIGHT DOLLARS... Seriously. This new food provider... I dunno about them.

So anyway, after I ate, I came right back to the gym to work out. And let me tell you. I was so motivated today. I did an hour and a half of cardio.

Here's how many calories I burned from just thirty minutes. So multiply that by three, plus I did weights for half an hour and swam for half an hour! I was just totally motivated. And I hope it stays that way. Plus I brought Eclipse and got some valuable reading time in. Woot. And it's getting so good. And working out is so much easier when you have a good book with you.

Well I was feeling great and I decided to go swimming so I hopped into the pool. Keep in mind I am not by any means a good swimmer. I am possibly the slowest swimmer one has ever seen. But I do quite enjoy it and it's a great work out. So here I am, nonchalantly gliding across the pool in my lane and two guys show up, taking the remaining two lanes. I look over and they're both speeding past me. So I try to go as fast as I could. But it was no use. By the time they had reached the end of the pool and back, I had only gone half way to the first side of the pool. And I'm like are you kidding? It was like Michael Phelps status. One guy even did the flip thingy as he reached the end. And here I am wildly and sporatically kicking my feet and wailing my arms just to get to one side, at which I have to stop and catch my breath. I wish I was a better swimmer. I really do. It was still good though and when I got out of the pool, I could barely walk.
So I had a great workout today. I hope this continues. Although, I can barely move right now so I can only imagine what I will feel like tomorrow. Even just lifting my hands to type is almost more than I can stand.

And may I just say. It took over an hour to type this. Because my computer froze literally every five seconds. Oh how I wish I were exaggerating.

I can't wait until I can afford a MacBook.

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Anonymous said...

Ok so I am cracking up right now picturing you swimming like a maniac. I love you Muffin!