Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn. Retreat. Get smart.

So there is a time of year that gets me all excited. It is fall. I just love fall. I can't describe it. The yellow and brown colored leaves, the crisp air, the dark nights, the smell of pumpkin and spice... Ooh. It makes excited just thinking about it. I love fall so so much. And I am excited that it is finally that time. =]

Well. I made it safely back from Vanguard Singers Retreat. Although, I almost didn't... Well not really. But I was scared for my life when I climbed the rock wall.

See, I am afraid of heights and I have pretty much zero upper body strength. So it took alot out of me to climb that wall and I was scared out of my mind. But I made it to the top... Barely. When I got to the top, I actually got stuck and someone had to pull me up... Hahaha. But I did make it and then I zip lined down. THAT was fun. But overall it was a great trip. I got closer to some great friends. I think one of my favorite parts was the drive there and back! Driving through the twists and turns of the mountain playing silly games like the rope game and in the land of the deep but not profound. And the jelly belly game. Good times.

And, I was elected Secretary, which I was totally not expecting at all. I was so surprised! It was great. And we learned a lot of music and got to sing with mics and I tried a few solos and it was kind of scary at first but really fun! And the food was really interesting...

And randomly as we were leaving, I saw a car with an Apple Valley High School sticker, which is my high school, and an HDC sticker, which is my church. It was very exciting. And strange. I never met that person...

Overall though. It was a great, awesome, and fun trip.

...Well tonight, Brooke, Kevin, Sean, Savana, and I went to the movies to see Get Smart. Now, I have already seen this movie and so has Brooke but the others hadn't. And it was totally worth two dollars to see it a second time. It is pretty much the greatest movie ever and I laughed my head off even the second time. ...Oh Steve Carrell, how I love you. I had so much fun. I love friends so much!!! And during the previews we saw this ridiculous commercial about the National Guard with Kid Rock. And then there was a huge cardboard cutout of the commercial. So we took a picture with it...of course.

...What a great day.
And now I have a paper to write.
Goodnight world.

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