Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School. awesome. I love it so much. First of all, everyday I am just speechless at how I am blessed with so many great friends. And then there is the learning part! When I was younger I was really smart. And as I grew up, I got less smart. Or less motiviated... or something. And then college came. And I was a music major. And it was pretty much the hardest thing of life. It seemed like everyone was always better than me and I was fighting just to be average. Now, don't get me wrong. That is totally NOT why I changed my major. I love a challenge. So that is so not the reason. But being a Psych major is so refreshing. See, in music, I would practice and practice and still not do very well. But in Psych, I study really hard, and it pays off. ...I had a test today. In Bio Psych. And I studied really hard. And I think I did well. My work actually paid off. And then in Stats, I didn't even know that there was a quiz. So I obviously didn't study. But I still got a ninety. I am actually retaining information... And I know a lot of big psychology words. Haha. I LOVE LEARNING!
I feel smart again. And I like it. =]

My goal this semester: Straight a's!

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