Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time to DeStress

So today, in order to relieve some stress and just get out of my room and think, I went to Barnes and Noble. Got a green tea. And I found a book that caught my attention. Call me gross but this would catch your attention too if you saw it.

And can I just say, this book totally made my day. I mean, you can be crying your eyes out, but at the end of the day, poop is always funny. And an entire book written about poop... Come on. That's hilarious. And you know what. I read the whole thing. And I felt so much better. I couldn't help but just laugh. And I needed a good laugh....

DeStresser #2. When I'm bummed out or going through a rough or changing time in my life, I dye my hair. So that's what I'm doin. Next time you see me I'll be a dark brunette!


Kristen said...

bahaha. brandi i love you so much. i totally do the same thing. it's so good to get away sometimes by yourself. and you can never go wrong with starbucks and b&n. i actually prefer going to bookstores by myself. that way you can browse for ever! :) love you!

the safe word for this comment is "fises" which reminded me of "feces" which reminded me of your blog which made me laugh. hahaha.

Brianna said...

WOW, you are amazing. HAHA!! and yes, bookstores are awesome!