Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ok so it's been like a month...

I haven't blogged in so long! And here's why: I have no time to even breathe these days. Between work, eigtheen units of classes, Concert Choir, Vanguard Singers, Beautyshop, and friends, I am just overloaded! But let's try to recap:

I went to Knott's Scary Farm with my besties. And it was so awesome! I had such a good time laughing at my friends being completely terrified! I wasn't really scared though. And it disappointed me a little. But it didn't stop me from having the best time ever!!!

I have had a few Vanguard Singers concerts and a few Beautyshop gigs as well and both are just unbelievable! I feel so blessed and I am loving every minute of it!

School is going well and I think I might get close to straight a's...Maybe! I am working so hard. I made my schedule for next year.
Abnormal Psychology
Human Sexuality
Research Methods
Literary Perspectives
Christian Worldview
Vanguard Singers
18 units again.
But I do love keeping busy.

I might get another job to pay for New York... Graveyard shift. If I get that job I pray that I won't die from lack of sleep... But I do have to pay for New York somehow.

And we have a new President. President Obama. Weird... Not what I would have wanted. But I know that God is in control.

It's almost Christmas. And I'm getting super excited. Starbucks has Christmas cups. And we're rehearsing Christmas music in choir, VSB, and Beautyshop. I feel the season approaching! =] Loving it!

Oh. And... Good story. Today I went to work this morning. I was supposed to leave at 9:30 because I had a recital. But the girl who was supposed to relieve me decided not to show up. Soooo I definitely missed my recital. Great... And she didn't show up tonight either so I had to cover her shift again. Wow. She should get fired. But at least I'm getting extra hours I guess. I just hope that I don't get penalized for missing recital... Since it wasn't my fault and I was stranded with nothing to do...

Office Party tonight. Fun times. And Starbucks study party. Also fun times.

Well, that's all for now. I really will try to blog more often.

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Kristen said...

oh brandi. it's so nice to read your blogs again... i feel like i can almost hear your voice in my memory telling me these stories. you would miss your recital due to an irresponsible employee. haha.i miss you terribly, but i'm so glad you're doing so many amazing things at vanguard. i'm so proud of you!!!