Monday, October 13, 2008

Quite a blustery day.

Wow. Today is out of control. The wind is blowing like nobody's business. I was almost blown away while walking to class this morning. And my hair is just everywhere. And I hate it. Wind... is evil. And it's annoying me.

Well this day turned out differently than I expected. I thought I was going to the beach and I thought I was having a picnic and I thought I was having Beautyshop rehearsal. And all of those things were cancelled. So I had time to do homework. Which is awesome because I haven't been devoting enough time to homework lately.

So this week, I have a Biological Psychology Exam as well as a Human Development Exam and a Statistics Quiz. Busy busy busy.

P.S. My new phone sucks. It dies like evry two hours and I want to throw it because it makes me so mad.

So this really has no significance, but today I ate in the caf for dinner. As usual. And Kevin, Brooke and I decided to take a picture and Kevin said I should put it on my blog. So I will. Even though there really is nothing exciting about it. It's just the caf. And all we did was eat. And nothing exciting happened. Haha.

And now I am off to go to Cha for Tea with one of my favorite friends. =] Yummm. I love love love Cha.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I miss the caf. Probably because I never eat with you guys anymore. :(