Saturday, October 4, 2008

One of my least favorite words.

Today I heard a phrase I haven't heard since high school. When used to infer a negative connotation, this phrase just urks me.
I looked it up on And here's what it says:

1. goody goody:

"Someone called this because they won't do stupid and immature crap like the majority of their peers.
If you drink and throw your guts up, you're alright. If you choose not to and have a good night's sleep or even sit up reading a book or having clean fun, you're a goody goody. "

Throughout my life I have made what I would consider to be pretty good choices. I have come up against stupid things but I have held strong and said no. And why is that a bad thing? People say Why don't you just have a little fun? But honestly, I have so much fun every single day. I love my life and it would just be stupid to do things just because if I don't do them, I am a goody-goody. It's like people who have made a few mistakes in their lives create a club and if you haven't made as many mistakes as them, they cast you out and decide that you are a Goody-goody and you can't be in their club because you have made a few good choices. And they could totally get out of that club and be a Goody-goody too. But that is looked so down upon that their pride is telling them that they could never do that and they continue to look at you and judge you and think you are a prude. But all a long, they are wasting time and they could just be in the Goody-goody club if they would just put their preconcieved notions aside. Because Goody-goodies are cool too. And we know how to have fun. But they don't know that. And they're afraid to try.

I just don't understand. Why should I change? I am completely content. I don't just refuse to do those kinds of things because they are "taboo." I just don't want to. I have no desire to.

Basically I am rambling. Because it's just hard to put into words what I am feeling right now. I am sad that I am persecuted by own friends for doing the right things. I am who I am. I am grounded and I will not change for anyone.

And as Christians, isn't our goal in life to do everything to the glory of God? So why would I want to stupid things that I know God does not approve of? Now, I would never judge people who do these kinds of things. If that is what they want to do, then it's their consequences they will have to deal with. But I should not be put down just because I don't want to partake.

Blah. Why can't I just be me?


Kevin Michael Bazan said...

im in your goody goody club too! and i would never be anywhere else! do not compromise brandalynn. we know how to have fun.

Kristen said...

i would like to create said "goody goody" club. i'll be the treasurer. just let me know when we need to develop the charter. :)
i love you my little bran muffin!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of people who have no problem being good... my nature tends to be a little rebellious and I have a hard time doing the right thing.
Embrace your goodness Bran Muffin! It's a gift!

Brianna said...

you CAN be YOU! :-D or you can be me, in which case i'll take a break. wow, sorry, i'm in a giddy mood. :-D don't worry about what other people think - in the end it doesn't matter! just be yourself and let people love you for it! I, for one, LOVE that about you! woot!