Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Been a While.

I used to blog everyday. Twice a day in fact.
But these days I'm just so busy. And when I get a free moment, I don't have the energy to recap my whole day.
But I decided that I have to blog today because I haven't done it in so long.

So ...

Well. Last week I dissected a brain.
It wasn't as bad I had expected.
However, it was still pretty gross.

So here it is... the brain.

Gross huh?

And here it is after I dissected it.


I've been doing pretty well in school still. =]
But I got 50% on a quiz this week. =[ I forgot there was a quiz that day. Lol
Cuz I have FOUR tests this week! Gross.

And Monday was my first Beautyshop rehearsal! Yesss. It was great. I was so intimidated at first since everyone else is experienced and I was like the newbie. But I had so much fun and while I was singing I was just like flabberghasted. I was like woah. I am in beautyshop. And I am singing with three amazingly talented chicas. It was such a good feeling. =]

And I have been hanging out with a new friend lately. And he is awesome. =]

Oh how I love friends.

And... it's my sister's ninenteenth birthday today! My lil sister is growing up so fast! Hehe. =]
Happy Birthday sis.

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