Saturday, October 11, 2008

Greetings from Apple Valley.

Recap: This whole week I have been so stressed because I had my very first Beautyshop gig on Friday. I was so anxious about it that I was even super grumpy on Thursday because I couldn't handle the anxiety. But ya know, after all that worry, I realized I didn't need to be worrying. It was the most fun thing ever! We got to serenade people and have so much fun and be all cheesy and just do what we love to do! Sing! I had so much fun and I continue to thank God for these opportunities and blessings!

Well I got the day off today and I took the opportunity to go home because I haven't been home once this entire semester! I came home last night after work. I left Costa Mesa and it was about 70 degrees. The sun had been shining all day. I drove home and opened the door and my limbs just about froze off. It was FREEZING! And I loved it. I love the cold so much. And it smelled like fire. And it felt like Christmas. I was greeted with huge hugs and screams by my little brother and sister. I got some laundry done and visited with my fam. And then I went to my friend Kim's house. It was so refreshing to talk to her. I love seeing friends that I haven't seen in a long time. And, another friendship of mine was rekindled, via text messaging. Haha.

I was awaken this morning by the smell of bacon, eggs, and french toast. My dad made us all breakfast and then we went to my little sister's softball game. I got to see my Oma and Poppy and Grandpa! But, to my dismay, I realized that I forgotten to bring pants! So i just had no idea what to wear to the game. So i just had to wear sweats. And look ghetto out in public. Well, Sarah won her game and then I headed to AT&T to get a new phone plan but the phones were all a kajillion dollars. So I gave up on that idea. So I just decided to keep Verizon. And my sister got a new plan and I got her old phone. The T Phone! The one I have always wanted!!! Yayyy. And then we went to In and Out. And then we went to Zachary's baseball game. And he won. And then I went to Verizon to activate my new phone. And then we had dinner at Oggi's Pizza with the fam and Oma and Poppy. And it was good times. And we also went shopping. And I got a sweet new sweater.

And now I am off to bed and when I awake, I will be driving back to Costa Mesa for work! This has been a great great weekend!

Thank God for family. =]

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Kevin Michael Bazan said...

Sounds Amazing brandi :) it was super cold when we got to wasco too. it was quite lovely. we all drank tea under the stars last night. that was also lovely.. :) see you later!