Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friends. Laguna. Koffee Klatch. Birthdays. Bonfires. Cancelled Bonfires. Movies. Cancelled movies.

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. This is the longest week of my life. But it has been quite a fun and eventful one. On Monday Jared and I went to Cha for Tea. The best place ever. It was fun times. and we had Mango Green Tea. Which is amazing and Crispy Chicken and I tasted Tofu for the first time. Which, I have conluded, tastes like air.

And then we decided to go on an adventure. So we called up Dain. And we headed off to Laguna Beach. At like 10 oclock. And we went to this amazing place called Koffe Klatch. And it is so quaint. And adorable. And cozy. And they had bomb diggity chai tea! My favorite. :)

So that was really fun.
And then we walked around Laguna Beach. And on the way, Jared decided to attack me and jump on my back and then overtake my face with his hand, and take a picture. Hahaha. Which resulted in such:

And then we went down to the beach. And it was so stinkin beautiful. Gosh I love Laguna Beach. We just layed in the sand and looked at the stars and sang really bad and said random things. It was quite a beautiful moment. And then we buried our toes and sang Miley Cirus songs... Good times.
Gosh I love my friends. They are wonderful.

So yesterday we wanted to have a birthday party for the Jareds. We were going to have a bonfire so we got everything together and were ready to go at like 9:30 when we realized that the beach closes at 10. Great. So we went to another beach that supposedly did not close at 10. Wrong. It totally did close at 10. And then we went to another beach. But it was too cold. So then we went to Denny's for a surprise party. but then we had to leave. And it was awkward. And then we went back to school and were going to watch a movie. But then noone wanted to watch a movie. So me and Jared and Brooke went to Taco Bell. Of course. And that was the big birthday bash. Taco Bell in the study room. Hahaha. All the result of undecisiveness... which is my middle name.

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Kevin Michael Bazan said...

i would like to point out, for the record, that i never said the beach did not close at ten, i merely stated the fact that the cops probably would not show up until 11.

i still had fun though. :)