Thursday, October 14, 2010


That is how I am feeling today... unstoppable! Currently all I do is work. And I have realized that my blogs now compared to my blogs 2 years ago are extremely boring. And that is because nothing exciting happens anymore. I graduated college and I am in this awkward stage where I am not in school but not yet pursuing a career. And I don't have a boyfriend so I can't decide where to focus my energy! Until I decided this week that I am going to focus all of my energy and thoughts on becoming a stronger, healthier me! Until I reach my final goal of losing 70 pounds, that is going to be my main focus. Maybe I will turn this into a fitness blog. I mean, that is helpful to people... Yep, it's decided. I am going to blog about my feelings, success, failures, workouts, and meals. And maybe I can inspire someone who has struggled with the same things that I have struggled with.

So let's see... I have been with my personal trainer since August 11. And since then I have lost 17 pounds. I was losing pretty quickly until the last couple weeks. I have hit a plateau. I sometimes just have these days where I can't focus on anything except food and I all of a sudden just eat everything in the house. And then I feel awful and run to the scale and see that I gained like 2 pounds and then I freak out and get so upset and then I eat more because I am upset. But my goal is to stop doing that! So today I had a burst of motivation and I am ready to push past this plateau and keep losing this weight!

So here was my day today: Work 8 hours. Eat 1500 calories. Run 2.5 miles- burn 250 calories.
Good day.

So here we are October 14. 17 pounds down. 53 to go. Let's do this! :)

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