Thursday, December 11, 2008


Welp. That's it. I'm done with the semester. Just three more to go until I graduate... from college. WHAT? That's the the craziest thing in the world. 

So since I haven't written in SO long, I'm going to try to remember all the way back to when I first felt the urge to blog but didn't have time. I believe that was Thanksgiving weekend. So Thanksgiving was blissful. I went home for the second time this whole semester. I missed home alot. And being home was amazing. Relaxing and familiar and beautiful. Thanksgiving dinner was great. Although ever since that day I haven't been able to stick to my diet... Boo. 
So Thanksgiving night Britt, Isaiah and I decided to wait in line over night at Kohls to get some super good super cheap Christmas presents. We were second in line. It was so much fun. It was about 40 degrees and I think I almost got frostbite on my toes. But nonetheless it was quite an experience. I made some crazy friends and spent eight hours of my life with them, only to never see them again. But hey, it was fun while it lasted.
So when the doors were finally opened, we rushed in looking for the present we had come to get. The employees ended up telling us the wrong information. I didn't get the present. I was so upset. But I did get a nifty little GPS system for myself that was 200 dollars off! Haha. Then we went to another store to look for the present. We ended up finding it. So really we had waited in line for eight hours in the freezing cold for nothing because all along it was at another store anyways. Stupid. Oh well. At least it was fun.


So I came back from Thanksgiving weekend right into Fantasia rehearsals. Dress rehearsal on Monday night. Concert Tuesday. Concert Thursday. Concert Friday. Fantasia was completely amazing. On Tuesday night it was held at the majestic Segerstrom Hall. 
I can't even explain how legit it felt to sing there. It was magical! And I cried a little. Haha. And it was full! It was sold out. Picture this full of people with lights and music and magic! You would cry too... 

And Beautyshop/Barbershop got our own dressing room. Woot.
It was just amazing, and I had so much fun. I got to sing in three ensembles this year. Concert Choir, Vanguard Singers, and Beautyshop. I was quite a busy little beaver. But that's how I like it. ;)

Well friends, I must end on that note, for I recieved three hours of sleep last night and I must be off to bed. But there is more to come... I still have to talk about Wicked, singing in the mall, Macayela, and finals week! Hopefully I can blog more tomorrow since I have NOTHING to do because I am FINISHED with the semester!

Praise Jesus for that.

Bye for now.

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Kristen said...

oh brandi, it's so nice to "hear" your voice again. haha. i've missed your life. :) and you! it's crazy to me that a whole semester has gone by... i missed my music camp, new groups forming (seeing fantasia pics of ensembles singing was weird), bonding, freshman choir kids, gilmore girls marathons... the list goes on and on. it makes me want to cry a lot these days. it's finally been long enough here that i'm kinda like... well, hm... this is starting to stink. haha. point is, i love you and miss you!!!